Private systems of education in brazilian public education: consequences of commodification for the right to education

Organização: Theresa Adrião, Teise Garcia, Raquel Fontes Borghi, Regiane Helena Bertagna, Gustavo Paiva, Salomão Ximenes

DOI: 10.51795/9786558699699

The content of the book Private systems of education in brazilian public education: consequences of commodification
for the right to education results from the articulation between researchers from the Group of Studies and Research in Educational Policies – GREPPE and researchers and activists of Ação Educativa that took place on different opportunities and always with a focus on defending education as a right for all people. In this case, the reason was the participation in an international call for proposals sponsored by the global network of researchers Privatization in Education Research-PERI and funded by the Open Society Foundations (OSF).
The research was carried out between 2014 and 2015 and had as its object the critical analysis of the acquisition, by Brazilian municipalities, of Private Systems, considered a form of privatization of the curriculum of public schools.
The book opens by adopting as a key to the analysis of the consequences of Private Education Systems – SPE the lens of the four indicators of the Human Right to Education: The 4As developed by Katarina Tomasevski, United Nations Special Rapporteur for the Right to Education between 1998-2004.
We hope that the reading of this work will help to revive our pro-activity in the defense of everything that has been achieved in the direction of a free, secular, inclusive and democratic public school.

Theresa Adrião – UNICAMP
Denise Carreira – Ação Educativa

The Report also examines the products and services that are reconstituting education as a part of a global education commercial market.  This is a beautifully nuanced analysis and provides us with a thorough and compelling case for what is at stake, and why it matters. What’s at stake here fundamentally is the transformation of public education and its constitution as a market.  The report also highlights the challenges of accessing the details of these contracts, despite public funds being involved.

Susan L. Robertson – University of Cambridge

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Gustavo Paiva, Raquel Fontes Borghi, Regiane Helena Bertagna, Salomão Ximenes, Teise Garcia, Theresa Adrião